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Nature Conservancy

Partnering with the Nature Conservancy and Alabama Power, Alexander & Tom developed an interactive, educational website to promote the "Now & Forever Alabama" campaign.

Project Overview

  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Content and Strategy Development
  • Compatibility with National Science and Social Studies Curriculum
  • Interactive Games and Learning Exercises
  • Photo and Video Shoots

Alexander & Tom created a virtual field trip through three eco-regions in the state. The field trips depict plants, animals, habitat, conservation, and ecological issues of the preserves. The site was used as an educational tool for grades K-12 in the Alabama public school system and to increase awareness among all Alabamians about the importance of conservation. Photographs and videos were shot on location in a number of field trips through nature preserves in the state. Dozens of photo galleries were created to feature the plant and animal life in each park or preserve.

The Goals

  • Create an entertaining and engaging education tool
  • Communicate the diversity of Alabama’s ecology
  • Create awareness of the Nature Conservancy’s efforts to protect and preserve the land
  • Support the "Now and Forever" Alabama fundraising campaign
  • Create a positive PR vehicle for the project’s financial sponsor, Alabama Power

The curriculum comes alive through innovative multimedia and interactive elements, plus an activity center where young children (kindergarten through 2nd grade) can explore four illustrative activities which teach basic environmental education.

Alexander & Tom created innovative and easy-to-use packaging design for the DVD program that would be distributed to schools state-wide.


  • Conducted teacher focus groups with all grade levels represented
  • Enlisted a chief consultant and subject matter expert on Alabama state curriculum
  • Employed an education/curriculum expert to develop strategy and ensure accuracy of lesson plan content
  • Assessed state reports to develop a picture of Internet connectivity for schools statewide
  • Partnered with Nature Conservancy staff to develop the editorial and photographic content of the website
  • Conducted 5 expeditions with videographers, photographers, conservation specialists, aquatic ecologists, and land stewards

The Results

  • Award-winning field book approach and design was well received by teachers’ advisory group, Alabama Power, and the Nature Conservancy
  • The "Now and Forever" Alabama site delivered its educational virtual tour of 14 preserves
  • A resource was created for teachers which contains curriculum-pertinent lesson plans and activities for all grade levels
  • The site was used as an online marketing tool for the Alabama Chapter of the Nature Conservancy
  • Excellent reference tool for all Alabamians

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