Solution Architects

Our Capabilities

Alex & Tom combines advanced software development with sophisticated design to develop easy-to-use web, mobile, and IoT applications.

Web Development

Our highly-skilled web development teams use the latest tools and techniques to execute your web initiatives. We will help your team determine the standards, systems, and platforms that are best for your specific needs.

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Web Design

Building an effective user experience is our primary goal. Our award-winning design and interface teams work with you to understand your audience’s needs, and then build the solution that delivers an “engaging” or “easy-to-use” experience.

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We develop browser-based and native applications, and can work with your team to determine which platforms and devices will best solve your needs. We can also provide the smartphones, tablets, and mobile device management systems to enable your mobile workforce needs.

Cloud Hosting

Our teams have been providing cloud hosting since before Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure existed. We can deploy your virtual system and servers on the leading cloud hosting providers and content distribution networks. We have established FedRAMP services through both AWS and Azure.

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Marketing / Outreach

A+T’s digital and marketing outreach team deploys the latest social, search, and mobile tools to execute marketing campaigns, public awareness, and outreach efforts. Our teams have reached audiences on a global scale. And we’ll help you deploy the tools and tactics to measure results and reach desired outcomes.

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Our User Experience (UX) team conducts lab-based “usability” tests to measure the effectiveness of websites and mobile apps.


Our mobile design and development teams use the latest in surface detection, proximity detection, beacons, and GPS to add layers of information over any smartphone view.


Our design teams build realistic 3-D spaces and environments for use in a wide variety of media. 3-D can be used in everything from PowerPoint to websites to virtual reality.


The design and development of VR requires a complex and extensive skillset. We have the in-house capabilities to design, build, and execute your VR challenges.

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